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Continuum Coaching: coaching specialists in the South WestILM coaching specialists

We are ILM coaching specialists, providing a range of accredited coaching and mentoring skills training, executive and team coaching as well as supervision. We are an innovative and forward thinking premier coaching organisation based in the South West.

At Continuum Coaching we pride ourselves on being specialists who support your drive to improve resilience and health by embedding a coaching culture. We know our quality services provide a continuum of learning and so you can deliver solid behaviour change. All our trainers and coaches have solid coaching credentials with successful coaching practices. This makes us stand apart and adds significant rigour to the quality of service you get from us.

We work across many different industry sectors including government and public sector organisations, university bodies and corporate businesses. The supervision programmes we offer are aimed at organisations and also to independent coaches who wish to uphold the quality of their practice. We offer core and bespoke programmes which can be branded according to your values and business ethos.

Our services will be fully aligned to your transformation programmes so you can reap the returns that an organisation with a coaching culture expects.

Above all….

We consider ourselves to be your partner and coaching expert helping you achieve greater organisational resilience, health and strength. Organisations that possess such a culture will experience many benefits including:

Increased performance
A sustained and strong performance by employees is ignited by a strong and compelling story about the future. The workforce must be clear about what is expected in terms of skills, attitudes and behaviours expected. High quality coaching provides a unique and invaluable space for leaders to get clear about where to focus their efforts and plan how to pre-empt pernicious obstacles. Just a few hours with a skilful coach can reap exponential rewards. Of course coaching can also be used for remedial purposes to provide that extra layer of support.

Greater employee engagement
According to a recent Gallup report, organisations with highly engaged workforces enjoy significantly more productivity, lower employee turnover and greater profits. Management teams directly impact on staff engagement, both positively and negatively. A high level of trust between managers and employees is commensurate with high levels of employee engagement. Executive coaching programmes will drill out actions which are in line with company values and culture, and create healthy accountability.

Improved communication
In an increasingly technological world, the need for effective human communication has never been stronger. The opportunity for miscommunication in today’s working environment is exacerbated by many factors including virtual team working and increased performance demands with less resource. Whether you choose to use external coaches or build an internal coaching capability, you can expect to see previously challenging relationships drastically improve.

Greater teamwork
An organisation must implement the correct structures, systems and rewards to create the right conditions for teams to work cohesively together. These new structures can represent unwelcome change and some teams may experience prolonged periods of denial and resistance. Our team coaching workshops offer a very effective, energising and safe environment for objective reflection. These workshops will galvanise motivation and create a common goal that is relevant and meaningful for everyone.

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