The Growing Case for Coaching

The case for a coaching culture is continually growing and the current research is worth taking a look at. Here is some of the widely available evidence that may support your case for investing in a culture of coaching.

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

CIPDTaking the temperature of coaching is the title to a white paper published by the CIPD which explore the prevalence and impact of coaching cross many industry sectors


CIPDCatherine Williamson, wrote an article in Nursing Times (Nursing Times, 3.3.09, 2009, pp.20-23). This article describes how life-coaching was used to develop strong leadership skills and empower individual team members and the team as a whole. A three stage process was used to enable a team of nurses in a GP practice to improve their working relationships, leadership skills and stress management.

City & Guilds

CIPDThis academic paper explores the role of coaching in the teaching of vocational skills. Its contributors include eminent academics and educators and offer some interesting insights.

Oxford Brookes University

CIPDThis university hosts the International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring which is free to access. The bi-annually published journal aims to provide evidence-based, well-researched resources a wide spectrum of people (inc students, professionals, corporate clients, managers and academic specialists).
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