Team Coaching

From time to time teams become ‘stuck’ and find themselves in the doldrums, team coaching can really help here. The reasons can be wide and varied but when this happens, motivation can drop dramatically, team cohesion is lost and trust is tested. The leader of the team can feel at a loss – usually because they have become too close to the issues at hand.

Our team coaching sessions uses highly effective and energising tools and models to help the team step out of their reality and objectively see what needs to be done. We work in half or full day sessions, with follow up if needed. We consult fully with the team leader to scope the content and desired outcomes in clearly defined terms. In these sessions we act as objective facilitators who can set a new tone to improve the working landscape.

Our approach

We use a variety of tools and techniques to surface contentious topics help your your team members to start to have a conversation. We create a safe but open environment in which your team can feel more free to open up and share their thoughts and concerns. We look to create a non-blame approach, but to rather ‘shine a light’ on the facts and look at perceptions.

What you want

The consultation phase with you is really important. It ensures we know exactly what outcomes you want from the session, your perception of the current status quo and the working environment. We can discuss with you our suggested approach which we formalise in a proposal. Once you have agreed the finer details we ready to go.

What others say

“Our team sessions with Continuum Coaching were brilliant. We all feel so much more motivated, and we have definitely connected together as a team. The DISC profiles where particularly valuable, and we now have a chance to have much more honest discussions. Thank you”  University of Bristol, School of Engineering

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