Accredited Training

Our accredited training reflects that we understand one of the measures that demonstrate successful culture change is employee satisfaction. It is vital that employees regard the coaching support they receive from their manager or internal coach as effective, helpful and appropriate. We recognise the skill of coaching demands the very highest quality training which is pitched at the correct level and offers an appropriate balance of theory and skilful practice. We also appreciate the need to maintain standards through continued training, supervision and mentorship.

We offer a core accredited training programme and bespoke courses which reflect your current vision, objectives, values and desired culture. Our core programme will give participants a recognised qualification which is accredited to the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). We have chosen to partner with the ILM because of their robust quality assurance standards and any qualification gained through us can be used as credits towards other ILM qualifications in areas such as leadership, management, advanced coaching and mentoring.

We believe that in order to harness any skills, there needs to be a genuine commitment to learning. All learners on our programmes will be expected to articulate their perceived personal gain in gainin the skill of coaching. In our experience your burgeoning coaches will reap the benefits of vast increases in self awareness and leaps in confidence. These benefits alone will make your people much more effective employees but also more fulfilled people in their own right.

Our programmes have a strong emphasis on skill, and include many opportunities to take part in action learning sets. As well as plenty of practice, we cover a solid grounding in coaching theory, current models and emerging philosophies.

Many of our clients have bespoke needs and we like to work very closely with you to understand your climate, challenges and desired outcomes from a programme. We will  consult with you to shape programme objectives, key outcomes and seize any opportunities to reiterate strategic messages and reinforce behaviour frameworks.

Your programmes will always be delivered by our fully qualified trainers who are also qualified and experienced coaches in their own right. This means participants will expect to get a great learning experience but also knowledge, wisdom and skill from a highly skilled coach.

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