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Harriet AttwoodHarriet Attwood

Harriet is an experienced and qualified coach and trainer. Harriet currently works as both the lead internal coach, trainer and supervisor for a Bristol based charity and also provides external training and coaching for companies and individuals. She has a particular interest is supporting individuals through change, and has worked with a number of clients who are transitioning between roles, careers and organisations. She is also skilled in helping clients find a new perspective and takes a creative approach to her work.

Harriet has a background in teaching and education, having worked as a secondary teacher, and an area Education Manager for English Heritage. She is currently a volunteer for the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and a mentor for the Aspire Foundation for Women.

Coaching with Harriet helped me to find answers; it provided clarity and gave me direction.  The process enabled me to re-evaluate my career and the direction it was going in.  Working with a coach, I was able to explore different approaches and develop strategies to move forward.  I was surprised by how empowering the whole process was and would recommend coaching to anyone”.

“I found Harriet’s coaching approach excellent, very approachable and open. I felt really comfortable to discuss my areas to work on openly and honestly.  I was given the time to formulate my thoughts into words and developed some great coping strategies as a result.  The coaching has made difficult times much more manageable, allowing me to focus on my reactions rather than the behaviour of others.”

“Harriet has been an impeccable coach. She was great at creating rapport and really listened from the start. This approach immediately gained my trust. She tailored the sessions with my personality in mind, which I found extremely professional. Her hard work and knowledge has resulted in positive outcomes, for which I am very grateful.”

“Harriet has a relaxed and personable style, our sessions helped me to reflect and focus on what I need to achieve”

Qualifications and Continuum Professional Development

  • LM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring
  • Leading and Managing People MSC module
  • Coaching and Mentoring MSC module
  • ILM Action Learning Facilitator
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education

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