Associate Coach

Gina Burns
Gina Burns
BSc MSc C Psychol

Gina has broad ranging experience in coaching and she is particularly interested in coaching people through career transitions and enabling individuals to achieve their potential at work. She is a qualified coach, holding a Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University and a Chartered Psychologist. Gina is qualified in the use of a range of psychometrics and utilises such tools to support her clients in building awareness of their strengths, style, motivation and energy through the coaching process.

Gina has coached a wide range of people from talented graduate employees and managers in career transition through to entrepreneurs setting up in business and senior managers developing their leadership capability. She is also able to draw on her extensive experience in business psychology, consultancy and corporate learning and development roles where she has tended to specialise in talent and leadership identification and development.

Client Feedback

“I found Gina to be extremely professional and trustworthy and from the outset she understood my personal situation, pressures and aspirations. I found her easy to talk to and incisive and she guided my thought process in a way which was supportive, positive and challenging but never felt pressurised. She helped me confront and analyse my strengths and weaknesses, gaining an understanding of how they affect my motivation and energy levels. This in turn allowed me to also challenge my own perceptions…. As a result of working with Gina and thanks to the way in which she set out and conducted the process, I have gained a different perspective on my personal aspirations and capabilities which would have otherwise been difficult for me to achieve on my own.”

“invaluable in helping me to understand what I am trying to achieve and so start to move in the right direction”

“I believe it (the coaching) has really helped me deal with things before they came to be an issue because I was able to reflect with you”

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