Associate Coach

Janine Image 005Janine Osmund

Janine Osmund has an enabling and proactive style to her coaching practice, encouraging coachees to stretch out of their comfort zones to achieve new things, and to keep pressing forward. She is a natural team builder who enjoys facilitating groups to work together to achieve a common goal.

Janine has a strong belief in the capacity to be comfortable in your own skin; to be vulnerable, genuine and open about strengths and weaknesses. Janine is straight talking and can say what she means whilst keeping the coaching relationship intact. She has a natural ability to take complex ideas and communicate in a way without using jargon or ‘blinding people with science’. Janine uses reflective practice to enable her coachees to become ‘balcony thinkers’. She creates space for her coachees to see how all the parts (including the external environment) work together so that they can make sense of the big picture.

Janine has spent most of her working life in the public sector; moving regularly between health and social care with short spells in large corporations, small and medium enterprises as well as the third sector (where she continues to work as a volunteer). She has recently stepped down from her position as vice chair of a school governing body.

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