ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching & Mentoring

 FAQs about our coaching courses

Q: How is the course structured?

We will run 10 x monthly zoom sessions, each being 4 hours (dates on our website). You will also have a 1-2-1 tutorial and 1-2-1 supervision session (arranged at a time to suit you) and be given separate sessions to go over how to complete the assignments. We know we give much more than the ILM require, and much more than most other training companies, so we feel you will get very good service and value.

Q: Does this qualification give me enough skill to set up as an independent coach?

Yes, IF you engage fully with the training we give you. By the end of this programme you will be able to confidently and competently facilitate a 1-2-1 coaching session which is ethical and professional.

Q: Why can’t I pay in instalments

The ILM require our learners to gain the qualification. If our drop out rate increases, the ILM will place sanctions upon us. We need learners who are willing to commit their time, money and energy. You don’t need to pay until after the induction session.

Q: What happens if I have to take a break from this course for any reason?

If you need to take a break in your learning, you can either re-join the next cohort of learners or watch back the recordings of the live sessions, but you must have taken part in all your zoom sessions (either live or recorded) within 2 years of starting. You have up to 3 years to submit assignments. If you have to take a break, we will give you 1-2-1 support to get you back on track and guidance to complete your assignments.

Q: How ‘big’ are the assignments, and how many do I have to write?

There are 3 assignments. The first consists of 10 questions to answer, and the total assignment is around 3000 words. The second assignment is your practical coaching assignment which will be 18 hours of coaching and your written reflections. The third assignment is again 3000 words and consists of your written continued professional development plan, and your overall reflections of the programme and what you have learned.

Q: What help will I get to complete the assignments?

We will give you a full briefing to go through the details of each assignments. We will give you comprehensive guidance notes, model answers and a template to complete. You can submit drafts for us to mark and you can resubmit you assignments as many times as you need, in order to pass. In short, we have made them as straight forward as we possibly can.

Q: How can I trust that Continuum Coaching Ltd will deliver a good course?

Because this is an ILM qualification, we have to adhere to the standards they set out. This means that our course content has been checked, and the ILM also review the assignments that each candidate produces to ensure they meet the correct standards. We are also externally quality assured by the ILM yearly to make sure our processes, policies and procedures are in place and at the right standard. Of course, we can also show you past candidate feedback which is always very positive

Q: What happens if one of your trainers is ill?

We always book 3 trainers for each session so that if one is ill, the other can step in

Q: What happens if I am ill and I miss a session?

We record every session so that you can watch it back at your leisure. If you have a long term illness, we will discuss with you directly the best course of action

Q: If I don’t like the course, can I get a refund

We’re sorry but we don’t offer refunds. We carefully screen our learners to ensure they have the right level of commitment, interest and aptitude to be able to complete the training and gain the qualification

Q: What happens if I’m finding the course too difficult and I can’t absorb the training

We have worked very hard to ensure that our training is very accessible for everyone. This Level 5 is equivalent an HND course (slightly more indepth than an A level, but not degree level). If you have naturally good people skills and you have a genuine interest in developing quality coaching skills, we are confident this course will suit you. If you are struggling with the course content, we will work with you on a 1-2-1 basis at any points during the programme to make sure you are comfortable

Q: How many will be on the course

We limit each course intake to a maximum of 15. This means we can give you personalised support throughout the whole programme.

Q: Do I need to find people to practice my coaching skills?

Yes, you will need to find a minimum of 3 people to practice on. We will help you find those people, but it is worth you starting to think about who you could ask to be your practice coachee

Q: I don’t plan to become an independent coach, so do I really need to have a qualification in coaching?

We would say definitely YES! If you want to integrate coaching into your leadership ‘tool kit’, having a qualification will give you the confidence to know you have been comprehensively trained and you will be working ethically and professionally. The field of coaching is not currently regulated, so if you ever wanted to set up as an independent coach, to show you are a credible, ethical and professional coach a qualification is needed.

Q: Are sessions delivered ‘live’?

We deliver all the training for the programme over Zoom, and every session is delivered by an experienced and qualified coach (rather than generic facilitators) and everything is ‘live’. All your training sessions will be with a real person, who has many years of coaching experience.

Q: Is any of the training on-line?

We provide pdf workbooks to support each session and lots of recommended reading and resources for you to look at. So if you have lots of commuting time to fill, there will be plenty for you to do

Q: How long will it take me to complete the assignments?

The assignments will take time and effort. You will have 3 assignments to complete and each one will take you approximately 20 hours to complete. We will help you break these down into smaller chunks to make the process as easy as we can

Q: How much time do I need to dedicate to this qualification

We obviously want you to come to every zoom session which will be 3-4 hours every month. In addition to this, if you are able to dedicate another 4 hours every month, you will be in a very good position to embed solid coaching skills, compile good quality assignments and complete the programme within 12 months.

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