101 reasons to complete your coaching qualification with Continuum Coaching Ltd

It’s not quite ‘101 reasons to choose us’, but the following gives a good picture of what you gain from completing your professional coaching training with us.

  1. We only use tutors who are qualified and practicing coaches with at least 5 years of experience; this means you get access to subject experts who can demonstrate coaching skills, not just talk about the subject
  2. We only deliver coaching training; that’s our specialism
  3. We deliver above and beyond the guided learning hours expected from the ILM
  4. As a delivery team we have thousands of coaching hours between us; this means we can put into context the theory of coaching and offer you sound advice
  5. We can give you guidance about setting up your own coaching practice
  6. You will receive quality written materials with additional reading, self-directed exercises and other suggested resources (amounting to over 300 pages)
  7. Your learning group is restricted to 12 people which enables us to build close relationships with all our learners and get to know you personally (rather than you being an anonymous number)
  8. You can submit partially completed assignments for marking at any time; this means you know if you are on the right lines
  9. You can re-submit your assignments as many times as you like; each time we will give you feedback on what improvements you need to make
  10. There are no entry requirements for this course; if your GCSE’s didn’t go to plan it doesn’t matter; you don’t need any entry qualifications
  11. You have access to your course director at any time (obviously within reasonable working hours!); no question is ever a stupid question
  12. We offer a free 1 hour taster session; we will run through the course content, give a coaching demonstration and answer any questions
  13. The programme is 12 months after which you have 3 months to submit your assignments; if you need longer we can make arrangements with the ILM at no extra costs
  14. If you are just curious about coaching, want to integrate coaching into your day job, be part of your organisation’s internal coaching service or branch out and set up on your own, this programme is definitely suitable
  15. We have to meet the standards demanded of the ILM; this means we are quality checked by the ILM who have to meet the standards of Ofqual so you can be assured of the quality
  16. We are externally quality checked by the ILM at least once every year
  17. You will have 3 different tutors on the course to give you exposure to different coaching styles and good variety
  18. Your course director remains the same so you have continuity of service
  19. There is a massive amount of information in the public domain about coaching which can be very overwhelming; we keep things focused and relevant and will direct you to accessible resources and give you practical coaching tools
  20. The ILM level 5 certificate in Effective Coaching & Mentoring is an excellent qualification to gain a solid foundation in coaching practice
  21. The level 5 is pitched at an HND level but it’s NOT an academic qualification; we teach you how to coach first and foremost
  22. You will be given a solid base knowledge and application of the GROW model AND a toolkit of supplementary tools
  23. From the feedback we receive from the ILM, we believe that we are one of the highest quality providers of this qualification
  24. We have 100% pass rate
  25. We have low dropout rate (85% complete a programme)
  26. We offer competitive rates but enough to give you quality training
  27. We have been delivering these programmes or over 8 years with consistently very high quality learner satisfaction
  28. We have experience in delivering this programme to public and private sector employees as well as those who are self employed
  29. We have links with the 2 leading professional bodies, the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council)
  30. We deliver our programmes digitally; this means it doesn’t matter where in the world you are
  31. We keep each zoom session to 4 hours so you won’t get fatigued
  32. The ILM do require 3 assignments to be compiled; we provide you with clear, step by step guidance
  33. We offer you 1-2-1 assignment guidance
  34. You will receive a 1 hour coaching supervision session
  35. You will receive a 1 hour 1-2-1 tutorial
  36. We deliver sessions across the whole year; 10 sessions over 10 months with each one recorded so you have complete flexibility

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