How We Support You

It has long been recognised that the key to a business’s sustainability and long term success is its labour force. A workforce’s ability to respond and adapt to market forces is a critical success factor – and one which coaching can directly impact. Coaching is often used successfully as a vehicle to advance many strategic goals including:

– Setting clear direction
– Encouraging innovation, creativity and initiative taking
– Developing a spectrum of leadership styles
– Creating the right culture and climate
– Engendering accountability
– Controlling, assessing and developing internal processes
– Developing talent
– Enhancing personal motivation
– Encouraging pan-organisation innovation and learning

We work with organisations that wish to embed a collective management style that embraces coaching. These investments will give your people the skills to develop the behaviours needed for a healthy organisation that can sustain itself in the long term.

Clients work with us because we are coaching specialists who offer a complete suite of coaching services. Our coaching skills training programmes are ILM accredited and your executives and teams will work with our fully credentialed coaches. The integrity and standard of coaching carried out in your organisation will be upheld through sessions with our qualified coaching supervisors.

We are committed to working  to work to your agenda, not ours, and we do the groundwork to really understand your business. Our services support you if you have committed to:

– Deliver transformation and culture change and transformation programmes
– Embed a coaching ethos as the management norm
– Create a robust internal coaching capability
– Invest in the development of your senior and executive teams
– Create a talent pool based on true meritocracy
– Gain commitment from your key stakeholders

Our clients highly recommend us for our exemplary levels of client-partnering and standards of service. Feedback shows the impact of our services exceeds expectation and demonstrates a healthy return on investment.

Culture Change Programmes

Delivering a change to an engrained culture is a testing goal. There are many facets, and the scope of influence can be complex and varied. We work with your HR and L&D teams to understand the cultural climate and so we are unambiguous about the backdrop and context that our services will be delivered in. This allows us to reinforce your important messages as well as embed the ethos of coaching as a management norm.

An Internal Coaching Capability

Many organisations possess an incumbent coaching capability to compliment their line management teams. An internal coaching community is a critical resource that can impact positively on many issues such as attrition; reducing stress absenteeism; raising personal motivation; addressing dips in performance and career management.

We feel passionately that standards of internal coaching should measure up well compared to external services. It is vital that in-house coaching is perceived by your employees as useful and compliments the support provided by line managers. Our coaching training programmes, coupled with supervision, ensure that coaching standards are upheld and built upon as your coaching teams stretch into their competence and confidence.

Investment in Your Key People

You may wish to include your rising stars as well as your senior people in our executive coaching programmes. Individuals on these programmes will have the opportunity to reflect,  take stock and plan for their future. Whilst the agenda of these programmes is entirely driven by the individual, sessions can be focused around desired cultural behaviours to ensure these are mirrored throughout all tiers of management.

Creating a Talent Pool

The very nature of coaching is evidence based, meaning individuals will be clear about specific development and blind-spots areas, and will be made accountable for executing action plans to address them. Through a culture of coaching your managers, rising stars and pool of talent will be actively building their competencies and capabilities to gain promotion and development opportunities based on meritocracy.

Stakeholder Engagement

We know that a demonstrable change in culture is impacted directly by the support and commitment given by key stakeholders. Genuine sponsorship from your business leaders, married with role-modelling delivers a powerful message. We will support you to achieve this advocacy by consulting fully with HR and L &D teams and other key stakeholders.

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