Thursday, March 6th, 2014 at 1:28 pm

Matching coaches and clients

Whilst at a recent client meeting we were asked how an organisation could make sure a coachee was matched with the right type of coach. It is obviously an important match so here are our thoughts:

  1.  Make sure your people involved in the matching process have met each coach, preferably face to face. Coaching is about building high levels of rapport and leveraging change. Meeting the coach allows you to assess if they were able to make a good connection with you
  2. Look at the experience the coach has. Do they have a particular niche, specialism or area of interest
  3. Check out the relevant experience and credentials the coach holds. Are you satisfied they hold a recognised qualification that is pitched at the right level?
  4. Make an assessment of the coaches overall style and ‘energy’. Sometimes you might purposely want to pair up a coach and coachee with very different styles as this will create good traction. Other times you might want to take a ‘softer’ approach and pair up ‘like with like’
  5. Ask coaches (both internal and external) to write a biography including a description of their style and approach to coaching
  6. Consider inviting coachees to choose from 2 or 3 selected coaches. If the coach has a website, then encourage the coachee to do some research for themselves. Some coachees will only want to work with a man, and visa versa, so give some choice
  7. Have information available that explains what coaching is, and what it is not. It can be a difficult service to articulate, so it is important that potential coachees are clear about what to expect
  8. Scope your desired coaching outcomes and share these with the coachee and coach. This will ensure both are clear about the context
  9. Give the coachee the chance to talk to the coach prior to starting sessions. This will give the coachee a chance to decide for themselves if the match feels right
  10. The match does not need to be perfect. A good coach will have been trained adapt their style to meet the needs of their client. Similar to any recruitment process, you should have a positive gut feel and be able to trust the coach will deliver a professional service for you, so use your instincts

We hope you found this blog helpful.

Best wishes
Andrea Harding
Founder of Continuum Coaching


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